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Tera Lynn Sheerin Title Slate .jpg

2020 - Tera was so well prepared for this project that we finished most of this recording session in single takes. She is a true professional.  It was my pleasure when she asked me to provide bass lines, drums, and percussion for these three very different songs. This session was smooth as silk.

(More Tera songs at bottom of page)

"Cuppa Tea" 2020- Latin Feel -
Very romantic and dreamy song with just guitar, voice, and an ensemble of percussion. 

Cuppa Tea 03 10 21Tera Lynn Sheerin
00:00 / 05:02

Kenneth Moden - Drum Kit & Percussion
Bass - MIDI Kenneth Moden 

Tera Sheerin - Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Performing her Music Video of "Norwich" written in 2019, which is about the joys of youthful romance. Tera has a large collection of original songs which demonstrate her skill as a clever lyricist and an exceptional singer.

J.David Giorgi and Victor Main team up with others to provide a totally unique approach to an earlier song written by Joe Dziobek.  "What Might Have Been". is give personality with David's vocals and country guitar combined with Victor's classical training. Keith Olson sits in on bass and Bill Jones on fiddle. Written by Joe Dziobek. Produced by Ken Moden at Shady Lea Productions.

Tera Lynn Sheerin Hat High.jpg
Lonely & Confused 03 11 21Tera Lynn Sheerin
00:00 / 03:53

"Lonely & Confused"  2020

Sassy swing about the trials of romance. 

Drums - Kenneth Moden 
Bass - MIDI Kenneth Moden 

Dave Giorgi Performing "Trains" with 40 Years Later
2021 Written By Joe Dziobek   Arranged by Dave Giorgi & Devin Bender

Dave Giorti & Trains.jpeg

Dave Giorgi & Friends had a great recording session with this original 6-1/2 minute piece which is more of a short story and a song. It was a fun session with some good people.

TRAINS 070521Dave Giorgi with 40 Years Later
00:00 / 06:15

Kenneth Moden
 Music Compositions and performances

Original Compositions

Flute Fantasy

Piano & Flute Composition 1999

Performed Live at URI - cassette tape

Flute Fantasy M-1 KModenKenneth Moden
00:00 / 04:52

Digitized in 2007

Adagio/Allegretto 5:00
"Living Waters" 2010
Piano, Strings, Drums & Percussion

"It Doesn't Really" - Matter Piano Composition  1980

Living Waters CD 2010

It Doesn' t Really Matter_mixdownKenneth Moden
00:00 / 03:07

Tera Sheerin (Continued)

"Where's My Head - 2021 - Alternative Rock Dedicated to those who suffer from depression - Builds in dynamic s through the end

Where's My Head 03 18 2021Tera Lynn Sheerin
00:00 / 04:07

Drums - Kenneth Moden - Live Kit

Bass - MIDI Kenneth Moden 

Tera Lynn Sheerin Free on the Ocean.jpg

Country DnA 2021 - recorded a 6 song demo in the Shady Lea Studio, and invited me as the guest drummer.  Pictured (Left) with David Russo, founder rhythm guitar, and  lead singer with his son Adam (guitar) and Jonathan Garber ( Bass), are a great group of guys. We recorded some of their old style Country Music covers, from the deep veins of this genre.  

All I Can Do Is Cry

7 Dave n Ken_ Mod 2  3853.jpg

Johnny Cash Medley

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